Recently, just after completing my studies, I found myself in an awkward position where I needed a permit in order to continue living in South Africa. I knew that the Lord had something for me in Durban, but I could not figure out how I would end up extending my stay. Especially since my existing permit was about to expire and all I had was a 3 month work contract. In the hunt for a minimum 2 year job contract (needed for a new permit), I found myself attending numerous promising interviews, but not a single written offer!

With the clock ticking down on my days here, my faith was running low. However, still as small as a mustard seed, I collected all the necessary documents, without the 2 year contract and submitted my application against all odds. God’s ways are not my own, and He saw fit to grant me not a 2 year, but a whole 5 year permit with nothing but the promise of the 3 month temporal job I had. And, miraculously all in less than 2 weeks processing time(normally 2 months)!

Only then, once I had received a permit without a proper contract, did I get a fantastic job offer. My mind was puzzled over the order of things – a permit and then a work contract (of which was not offered because of having a permit). Now I see that God works in His ways to show Himself great and that He is The Lord! The still voice in us, the Holy Spirit, when things look impossible for what He is saying, is more than sufficient to take us through! I give Him all the glory and praise!


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