To all who are standing in faith for God to touch and heal you:
It started 8 years ago with a sharp ‘knife’ like pain in my left upper leg. It worsened down my whole left thigh. I could not sleep for more than 2 hours at a time and worked on my knees. The doctor, who removed the hernia (lumbar discectomy), said there was a 50% chance it would re-occur. Five years later and after living a ‘limited’ lifestyle, I faced the same fate – operation No 2. The doctors could not remove or replace the disc as I had also developed osteopenia (low bone density). I was finished, but thank Jesus for the family of God that surrounded and encouraged me all along the way in love and prayer. I lived with the pain, it was exhausting. Last year, while heading for my 3rd op, I really cried out to the Lord to heal me. After 3 months, the pain subsided and I started working in my office again, on a lounger chair. Once more living a ‘limited’ lifestyle.
During our church International Conference in May this year, I had asked Jesus for a miracle. One night, there was prayer for healing. I was there! The instant I was prayed for, I experienced the presence of God throughout my entire body and realised I was on the floor. When I got to my chair, I told my wife, Carole, that I felt I was in a new body. I sat down hard – no pain! When I got home I touched my toes (could not even touch my knees before) – still … no pain!! I was healed! The whole family were amazed. The next morning, I could bend over and wash my face – still no pain!!! Jesus has done a true miracle in my body. I am so, so grateful in my heart – to Him as He is so Faithful and to the amazing family of God for the support that they have been to me!
Keep believing, keep serving Him and above all persevere! Your healing is on it’s way 🙂
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