“It was truly wonderful to have spent time with everyone who came for Family Camp. It’s like the Lord knew exactly how to meet our needs individually. What a faithful God we serve.” KWANELE

“Camp was good. It was so lovely to meet new people and those I hadn’t seen in a long time. The messages really challenged areas of my life.” ZIKHONA

“It was so good for Lez and I as the Lord really revealed some truths about our lives. It was encouraging to see people happy to travel such long distances to hear what the Lord had for them. We hope to come every year!” GLENN

“Family Camps = PEOPLE! People = Family!! I’m always blessed by our BIG church family. Majority of the time the Lord ministered to me through times with individuals.” TWILA

“In the natural, it’s very far, quite costly, and over too quickly – BUT in the spirit, the Lord always meets us. We both came needing a miracle in our situation, and what did Miki preach on? Having faith for the Lord to move. It’s always worth the price to hear the Lord speak directly into our lives.” TERENCE

“I felt it was going to be a serious time of the Lord bringing direction. I was encouraged to feel Him bringing us back to that deep desire and need to reach Him in our prayer, seek His face, His direction. I want more of the Lord, to trust Him for miracles in every area of my life and that of others!” JUSTINE

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