Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

I write to send a report as to the start up of the home group here in Gordon’s Bay.
My wife, Elijah and I have been in the Cape for over a year and half now and have really trusted the Lord over these hard and testing months. We know that the team back in Durban carry us in the spirit, both through the services via live stream and in your prayers.  Now we are seeing a shift for something new to happen on the ground here in the Western Cape. Since we do not have our own home yet, we have been priveleged by having Hugh and Marcelle open their home  – 2,5km away from where we live … It is only the Lord Himself.

As of the 20th and 21st of January, we were blessed by having brother Brian and Riaan from Botswana and Neil from Durban. Brother Neil laid the foundation in the spirit over the course of the two days with the theme being “God is building His Church.” Brian led us in prayer and praise and worship. The first evening we had Hugh and Marcelle’s daughter and friend join, along with an acquaintance of mine and his brother. The following evening, which was more intimate, we had John and Les join in. It was indeed a wonderful time of impartation from Neil as he was setting things clear in the spirit as to what was starting here in the home group , and that the Lord’s plan is for a church here in the Cape.

We could feel that the Lord was in control and that we should not fear going forward. For the pressure is not on us , but what the Lord wants to accomplish He shall shall do it. This indeed brought encouragement to us all. It’s amazing how the Lord is faithful and we can see now that it is in His time. We can only but remain available and keep our hearts pure through the working of the Cross in our lives.
I personally would like to thank the team from CTMI for sending the brothers from the churches in Botswana and Durban , for we know that it takes time and finances for these things to happen. I assure it does not go unnoticed . Our hearts are truly enlarged by the giving of these men’s lives to spread the Gospel of the Good News. And to be a part of the launch of something spectacular as the building of a church is beyond description.
As for meetings that will be going ahead in the home group , they will be on Thursday evenings via Skype with Bas and Neil.

All in all we have nothing to fear for the Lord will take care.
We send our love and hope to see you all soon. Keep us in prayer .

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