Meeting at Lynn’s place on a Saturday in June, we ladies were challenged on our roles in the home. After a short time of worship, a few women began sharing.

The issue of submission is not an easy one and many of us had to re-look at our lives. We are not called to be ‘doormats’ or even ‘dominant’, but it is how we submit to our husbands that needs to be modeled on the example Christ left for us in 1Peter 2v21. As we take our place in the spirit, taking up our cross humbly before the Lord, He will bring order back in the home.

Brenda, Kristi and Lynn all shared from their lives, and it was refreshing to be reminded that submission is an attitude of the heart not a technique to master. It is our lives he is reordering!

Once again it was the right message for us ladies, at the right time, as we come to terms with what the Lord requires as He works in us.

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