The past 13 months have been a true trial and testing of my faith. At work I faced daily persecution, misunderstandings, ridicule and belittlement. If it were not for God’s amazing grace that carried me through, I do not know how I would have survived. Somehow the Lord gave me the strength to still my heart, to keep my mouth shut and to take my cross when inside me all I wanted to do was scream back and run away.

I know the prayers of the saints kept me going, and I know that the Lord heard the desperate cry of my heart, but I also know that He was doing a deep work in my heart and in my life and though each day was so difficult to face, I was never alone.

One specific night as I was leaving work, I overheard my boss and a colleague speaking about me and I was crushed by their words. All the way home I cried. At home cell that night someone asked me how it was going and I completely fell apart. They prayed for me and I received a word from the Lord that really encouraged my heart. I must have listened to the recording of that word on my phone every morning on my way to work for at least the next two months, just to get me to work.

After months of sending CV’s out to no avail, the Lord opened a door for a wonderful job opportunity just down the road from home. The most amazing thing is that the day before handing in my resignation, I was called in by my boss and her lawyer and retrenched! How amazing is the Lord that He would bless me with a retrenchment package I would not have been given had I actually resigned. One of the home cell ladies said that God has “kissed me on my cheek” and I feel so loved and so blessed.

God’s love and faithfulness will never cease to amaze me. His timing is always so perfect – never our timing – but He truly does make all things beautiful in His time. We just need to wait on the Lord and He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Kim Costopolous

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