Four years ago I was diagnosed with a severe case of Polycycstic Overian Syndrome. Doctors told me that it would be very difficult for myself and my husband to have children. When we heard this news, we knew that our God was above a medical report, and that he could heal me… we just did not know how difficult the next four years would be! After going through surgery and many treatments, only to find that there was no improvement, we decided to to put everything at the feet of Jesus and to wait on His intervention. It was a really tough few years for me, but during this time the Lord used my situation to draw me closer to Him. I really experienced what it was to truly trust in the lord.
In May of this year, our church held their annual conference. On the second night of the conference, my pastor did a call to pray for people who were sick. I went forward with faith in my heart. As my pastor prayed for me, I felt the Lord touch me, and I knew he had healed me. A few weeks later the Lord spoke to me through his word, and told me I was pregnant. After seeing a doctor some time later, it was confirmed! The doctor could not believe it.. medically it was almost impossible. The doctor called it ” A Mystery.” I quickly corrected him and told him, “No, it is a miracle“.
Many times, the Lord put the story in the Bible of the woman with the blood disease on my heart, and this story became a reality for me too. One touch from Jesus and I was healed! Our God is truly a miracle working God! I am so thankful to the Lord and I give Him all the glory!!!!
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