Every August sees individuals faced with the issues of saving up, requesting leave, parting with loved ones, and that’s before they even get to brave the infamous bus trip all the way from Durbs to Bulawayo. It’s the annual Zim Youth Camp – one of the most ‘looked-forward-to’ events on the CTMI calendar, but for 10 brothers and sisters from Grace Gospel Church, it was anything but easy getting there…and back!

Even before departing, there were last minute hiccups of car batteries dying and a few other obstacles thrown in as testers. Then, after a gruelling 28 straight hours on the bus, these faithful few arrived at the dusty Shalom Campsite at 12pm to be thrown in with 700 other young people from 13 different countries. Not quite bright eyed and bushy tailed.

The question is – Why even bother? Why put yourself through all the stress?

One seasoned camper answers the question:

“This one was different to all the previous camps I have ever attended. The Holy Spirit lifted the lid on the real issues that so many young people struggle with in secret. The heart of the Lord to cleanse, forgive and restore was evident by the third day as many had found freedom in Christ after sharing the deepest things in their lives and receiving prayer.”

Speak to any of those that went, and it’s the same response over and over. This was a very different camp, and the sacrifices they had to make were all worth it for what the Lord wanted to do in each of their lives.

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